welcome to the musical portfolio of kriton klingler-ioannides, one-man-operator for media-related music production.

listen to some demos and snippets here.


04/2017 ceremonial music for the EUROPEAN FILM AWARDS 2017, december 9th 2017 at haus der berliner festspiele, berlin.

05/2017 filmscore for german feature film BERLIN FALLING by ken duken (NFP/warner), in theaters july 13th 2017.

03/2017 music for the staging of REISE NACH PETUSCHKI by wenedikt erofeev at volksbuehne berlin, premiere: april 12th 2017, directed by sebastian klink.

04/2016 ceremonial music for the EUROPEAN FILM AWARDS 2017, december 12th 2016 at NFM wroclaw, poland.

09/2016 music for the radioplay BLUTSBRUEDER by thomas martin, broadcast: october 3rd 2016.

03/2016 music for the staging of EXODUS by DJ stalingrad at volksbuehne berlin, premiere: march 24th 2016, directed by sebastian klink.

10/2015 ceremonial music for the EUROPEAN FILM AWARDS 2016 12.12.15 im haus der festspiele berlin.

40/2015 sonic identity for nokia HERE maps inc cooperation with mit FRANK ZERBAN.

03/2015 music for the staging of ALLE MEINE SOEHNE by arthur miller at staatsschauspiel dresden, premiere: 22. may 2015, directed by sandra strunz.

02/2015 recording sessions for german TV drama SCHULD by ferdinand von schirach in cooperation with EDITION MEISTER.

11/2014 music for the staging of DAS KAETHCHEN VON HEILBRONN by heinrich von kleist at staatstheater nürnberg, premiere: 12. dezember 2014, directed by bettina bruinier.

08/2014 music for the staging of ZWISCHENSPIEL after the novel by monika maron at staatsschauspiel dresden, premiere: 3. oktober 2014, directed by malte schiller.

04/2014 music for the ARD TV drama GOETTLICHE FUNKEN, directed by maria von heland.

07/2013 music for the F/W 2013 season campaign for international LOUIS VUITTON stores, in cooperation with SOUNDWALK, NY.

06/2013 recordings and source music for the film adaptation of charlotte roche's novel
, directed by david wnendt, in cooperation with ENIS ROTTHOFF, in theaters august 22nd.

04/2013 trailer music for the current campaign for the software collection
by NATIVE INSTRUMENTS, in cooperation with PIVOT AUDIO.

03/2013 music for the HFF feature film LAMENTO by jons jonsson, produced by BUNTFILM berlin.

12/2012 sounddesign for exhibtion project "86213516/32/5" by berlin-based art-collective
C-D-A-P, intended to redesign the CI of "neue gesellschaft für bildende kunst" (NGBK) berlin.

11/2012 music for the DFFB short film PORZELLAN by katinka narjes.

02/2012 music for the staging of THE PERSECUTION AND ASSASSINATION OF JEAN-PAUL MARAT AS PERFORMED BY THE INMATES OF THE ASYLUM OF CHARENTON UNDER THE DIRECTION OF THE MARQUIS DE SADE by peter weiss at schaubuehne berlin, premiere: october 6th 2012, directed by peter kleinert.

02/2012 music for the staging of MICHAEL KOHLHAAS by heinrich von kleist at nationaltheater mannheim, premiere: february 25th 2012, directed by simon solberg.

08/2011 music for the staging of FAUST by j.w. goethe at staatstheater oldenburg, premiere: october 16th 2011, directed by michael uhl.

01/2011 cooperation with SCHUMANN & BACH, berlin: complete music production for SKODA WDC at O2 arena, prague.

12/2010 music for the fashionweek presentation by berlin-based label TRESBONJOUR.

10/2010 music for the short film OPFER by johannes leistner.

10/2010 as of now associate partner of PIVOT AUDIO, amsterdam/los angeles.

06/2010 showreel composing for UCKERMEDIA media services.

04/2010 recording sessions for hamburg-based CHEATMODEL REPUBLIC.

03/2010 recording sessions for berlin-based rock band VANDERBILT (feat. members of BONAPARTE).

02/2010 showreel composing and sounddesign for VFX-company TRIXTER.

01/2010 music for the staging of EINSAME MENSCHEN by gerhart hauptmann at schauspiel frankfurt, premiere: 13. februrary 2010, directed by hanna rudolph.

01/2010 music for the staging of KING LEAR by william shakespeare at staatstheater karlsruhe, premiere: 23. january 2010, directed by bettina bruinier.

11/2009 music for the short film TIDELANDERS, directed by max zähle.

10/2009 music for the short film LOVE OR NOTHING, directed by matthias stähle.

09/2009 on september 27th 2009, 20.00 CET, BAVARIAN BROADCASTING will be airing a feature on german theater composers, kriton will be featured.

07/2009 music for the short film "DER LOEWE, DER FUCHS UND DER ESEL", a project by SCHIZOFRAME 36 within the 48h-filmfestival berlin.

08/2009 music for the staging of LEONCE AND LENA by georg buechner at volkstheater munich, premiere: october 2nd 2009, directed by hanna rudolph.

05/2009 music for the staging of THE PLEDGE by friedrich duerrenmatt at schauspiel bremen, directed by hanna rudolph.

04/2009 sound mixing for the documentary THE TIME IT TAKES by karsten krause.

03/2009 music for the staging of A COUPLE OF POOR POLISH SPEAKING ROMANIANS by dorota maslowska at theater oberhausen, directed by hanna rudolph.

02/2009 kriton's original score for the feature film LITTLE PARIS by miriam dehne is pre-nominated for the german film prize of the deutsche filmakademie as best original film music.

11/2008 music for the short film THE OUTDOOR MAN by simon menges.

09/2008 release of the debut album by EXITS TO FREEWAYS [SPREAD LIKE THE VEINS ON THE BACK OF MY HAND], hamburg-based rock band (check the links in the ABOUT-section), on noisolution records, berlin.

06/2008 music for the staging of MICHAEL KOHLHAAS by heinrich von kleist at volkstheater munich, directed by hanna rudolph.

05/2008 music for the short film THE SURROGATE by darcy brislin.

02/2008 participant of the berlinale talent campus 2008.

08/2007 music for the cinetrailer of children's movie festival hamburg 2007

05/2007 currently scoring the feature film production "little paris" by miriam dehne
(production: monaco film hamburg, in theaters spring 2008)

03/2007 sound design for the opening ceremony of the festivities held for the 50th birthday of the european union in berlin

02/2007 music for the current daimler chrysler "viano"-imageclip, in cooperation with edition meister, berlin. www.editionmeister.de

01/2007 theatrical score for the short film programme "urban city sounds", shown in the festivities for the 400th anniversary of the city of mannheim, germany

11/2006 www.ioannides.de online.

11/2006 participation in the musical staging of "cascando", video installation by david gierten, within the festival "beckett in town", kampnagel theater, hamburg

09/2006 music for the documentary "ex patria" by philip widmann

09/2006 music for the staging of ROMEO AND JULIET by william shakespeare, stadttheater heilbronn, directed by michael uhl

05/2006 music for the play DAS KALTE KIND by marius von mayenburg, kampnagel hamburg, directed by pia maria gehle